How to write a bachelor thesis?

How to write a bachelor thesis?

Bachelor’s thesis is usually the first serious scientific venture to be faced in college. Its quality proves what and to what extent we have learned for three years, what are our interests, how much we are able to undertake reliable, scientifically valuable research work, what we have learned from our studies. Having defended the bachelor thesis, we receive a bachelor’s degree, corresponding to the former bachelor’s degree, and it is not just any title – it was a lower degree introducing to a career in science.

Bachelor’s thesis is nothing more than a much more serious and broadly considered essay, which we were taught at junior high school. The trick is to put a hypothesis, prove it with the right arguments and draw conclusions from our argument.

How to do it? First and foremost, you should:

Choose the issue / subject / problems of the bachelor thesis that interests us and the promoter.

During the studies we have a number of subjects. Some are more interesting to us than others, more understandable, worth of interest. It is up to them to concentrate on making a choice. These subjects are taught by academic teachers from specific departments or factories. There you should also look for the promoter of our bachelor thesis. Before we choose a scientist who will guide our work, it is worth investigating his research interests – most often the list of publications is available on the side of the department / plant. You can also look at the “People of science” website. It is also worth talking with people who have already defended a bachelor’s degree – as a rule they perfectly know which of the academic teachers is a kind, helpful, competent promoter with whom he works well when writing a bachelor thesis. When we have an idea, what topic we want to deal with and we chose the promoter, it’s time:

Select the topic of work.

Before we specify its final form, let’s think about what our bachelor thesis should do, what and how we want to find out. It is worth advise the promoter, discuss with him the scope of our research and their direction. We must remember that the subject of the work is to clearly and unambiguously indicate its content. At some universities, potential promoters suggest pre-formulated themes for which they are looking for a contractor. It should be remembered that even in this case it is worth considering the possible changes and “matching” the proposed topic of the bachelor thesis to our interests. Promoters willingly agree, because – as you know – interest in work is half the battle.

At the next stage of the activities:

Familiarize yourself with the literature of the subject.

It is rare for us to write a bachelor thesis on something completely new, which nobody has ever written about. Perhaps we will find publications that do not concern exactly the issues we want to raise ourselves, but are related to it. Sometimes they discuss issues that will be useful in our discussion. It is worth asking the promoter to recommend particularly important items.

Getting to know the literature of the subject is a very important stage when writing a bachelor thesis. First, there is no point in trying to open the door and examine what has already been examined, and secondly, it is worth remembering that these are publications of authors smarter than us. Not calling them is a serious mistake.

The search for literature can be started by looking at the resources of larger university libraries, which usually already have on-line directories. You can also type in the search engine the issue that we intend to deal with, adding the word “bibliography”. There are many scientific articles published in the network – usually in pdf format. Many publications provide digital libraries and the Ibuk portal. The Internet also offers many, sometimes necessary documents, for example, legal acts or statistics. Of course, writing bachelor theses allows the use of websites, although it should be done with caution. Many of them are meritorious in substance, and our work is to be a scientific work after all. After getting acquainted with the literature we need, we must:

Choose the research method of the bachelor thesis.

The choice of the test method depends on what we study. As a rule, the promoter’s instructions are helpful here. The research method will be the analysis of sources, for example documents, a diagnostic survey, critical analysis of existing literature, individual case method, etc. In the case of natural sciences, the critical analysis of data collected and published by other authors is also often used, and – own short research and analyzes their results.

Finally, the time is coming to:

Construct the work structure.

It’s no more or less about setting up a work plan. Each bachelor thesis should consist of an introduction, substantive chapters and ending. Most often in such a study there are three chapters. If we chose the method of critical analysis or source analysis, it should be remembered that the first chapter should be the most general, the last most detailed one. In the case of the diagnostic survey method or the individual case method, the bachelor thesis must contain the theoretical part (based on the subject literature) and the research part (analysis of the data collected by us).

Requirements concerning the construction of work are usually indicated by each university. Universities also determine the format of the bachelor thesis – what should be the font, spacing, types of footnotes, what the title page should look like, how to sign figures and tables.

At the next stage, we can start:

Write next chapters.

Writing bachelor’s theses, according to their structure, is best started with the most general or theoretical chapters. After writing all the chapters, we draw conclusions and form them in the conclusion. Introduction paradoxically, we write at the very end, remembering to indicate in it the purpose of the work, the reasons for choosing the topic and the structure of the work. Finally, you should:

Check the text for language and stylistics.

Bachelor’s theses written in beautiful English language are definitely higher rated, they are better read, and the author is treated more seriously and by the promoter and reviewer.

It is also worth:

Check if work passes the anti-plagiarism test.

Bachelor’s thesis must be an original, independent development of the subject.

Writing bachelor’s thesis assumes using the literature of the subject:

we quote fragments of various items;

we refer to the opinions of various researchers.

In the latter case, remember to paraphrase the text. Otherwise, our bachelor thesis will be considered plagiarism. Anti-plagiarism tests usually mean as texts rewritten from somewhere in which five consecutive words are identical to those in the source. 

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